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BoardSuite® Corp. 2009 News Releases

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BoardSuite® Canada's leading Web 2.0 pioneers

July 29, 2009 -TORONTO, ON - BoardSuite® Corp. is pleased to announce that it has selected as one of Canada's leading Web2.0 pioneers.

KPMG and Backbone magazine congratulate the top twenty winners of the PICK20' Awards, the only national roundup of Canada's up and coming Web 2.0 pioneers who are leading the 2.0 evolution of the Web. These new emergent online social platforms designed to link individuals to each other, are now increasingly being used to connect companies to both partners and clients.

To compile the top 20, Backbone & KPMG assembled a crack panel of judges and asked them and the public to nominate worthy companies or projects. This year they received more than twice as many nominations as last year, generating an even broader picture of Web 2.0 in Canada.

Canada Web 2.0 2009 Winners are listed here

Backbone & KPMG have defined Web 2.0 as the use of "online social platforms to link individuals to each other and, increasingly, to connect companies to partners and clients. The real point, though, is that Web 2.0 happens when the talk goes from a monologue to a dialogue, when everyone gets a say and when those voices can actually change opinions, company policy, government decisions and so on."

"Receiving this recognition is a great accomplishment for BoardSuite's board portal platform. We owe this recognition to our users and companies who continue to spread the word and support our growth. We believe we are in the cusp of a paradigm shift in how people will work with business software and are poised to be a leader in managing corporate and financial information for companies worldwide", said BoardSuite's President and CEO, Oscar A. Jofre Jr.

About BoardSuite®

Directors on Boards have significant risks and responsibilities. BoardSuite® was created to mitigate risk by providing directors and officers a simple yet powerful solution to address their responsibilities surrounding good governance and compliance. BoardSuite Corporation operates a secure and easy-to-access online board portal - The BoardSuite. This utility organizes and manages critical board related information and tasks. Stakeholders, such as directors and officers, are able to significantly reduce business risk and more confidently manage overall board affairs as they now have more effective access to both their information and invaluable board resources.

Provided as a no-charge web-based service, BoardSuite cost effectively enables executive leadership teams to more easily put their governance and compliance requirements in order, thus allowing them to devote more time towards helping their organizations improve overall business performance.

For more information contact:
Oscar A. Jofre Jr.
BoardSuite Corp.
647-258-1670 ext 102

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